Build a successful career in Germany

Are you looking for your dream job, do you want to build deep friendships with locals, and find your place in German society so that you and your family can live a successful and happy life in Germany?

It is definitely possible! 
Without spending a lot of time in jobs that don't get you anywhere and without experiencing unnecessary frustrationsBut with the joy of learning and discovering yourself.

The way to get there is as individual as you are. We pursue it together.

...and what you can expect from us

Every person is unique.
As a consequence, one single way to launch a successful career in Germany cannot be equally effective for everyone.
It depends on your individual personality, your values, your abilities, your education.
This is why we should work together to find your path to success which is as individual as you are.

We analyze your current situation in detail. We find out what you want to achieve.
Based on that we will develop your individual way to realize your goals and pursue it together.

We can definitely help you if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You have the desire to find a job in Germany after graduating in Germany or abroad
  • You are working in Germany but have not yet been able to live up to your full potential and are longing for a career change
  • You have already found a good job, but would like to know how to take further steps towards more professional success
  • You would like to know how you, as a non-German, can build better relationships and meaningful connections with your German colleagues, employees or superiors

How it works

...our method for your success

Individual Approach

Together with you and based on your values, needs and goals, we develop an individual strategy for your success.

Personal Support

We accompany you personally through 1:1 coaching. During the programme, your coach is always available to answer your questions.

Scientific Background

We use scientifically approved methods and concepts to coach you towards greater success in your career and life in Germany.

Business Insights

We provide you with deep and realistic insights into job opportunities the German labour market offers for university-educated internationals.

Our customized career program can include the following elements:

Career Discovery

Identify your personal goals, explore career options in Germany and profit from a proven step-by-step plan to achieve success

Mindest Coaching

Develop the mindset you need to be able to succeed in job interviews in Germany or to negotiate your desired salary

Interview Training

Improve your job interviewing skills with 1:1 interview training and - if you need it - tailored job interviewing German lessons

Probation Period Training

 A new job does not end with the contract signing. We help you to smoothly navigate through your probation period

Networking and 
Meaningful Connection

Learn how you can build a professional network in Germany and what you need to do to create meaningful connection with locals


Discover helpful ways to job search more efficiently and get help with customizing your resume and cover letters for the jobs you are applying to. 



 Learn how to avoid and solve conflicts in intercultural business situations

Insights into 
German Labour Market

 Find out more about interesting branches, companies and job opportunities you might have never thought about

About us

...who will help you launch your career



Sabine Jessberger (PhD)

My name is Sabine. I can help you to finally get the position that you know you’re worth.

I’d always wanted to work in a place where I could take on responsibility and make a significant difference. I’d worked in companies of different sizes and various industries, both in Germany and abroad. And let me tell you, I know the difference between being frustrated and resenting going to work, and jumping out of bed, because you love what you do and are respected for who you are. 

Now, I work with executives from around the globe everyday. My clients value my expertise and deep insights into how HR works and how to get to the right place in the fastest possible way.

How you can boost your career in Germany...

...3 steps to your free consultation

Fill out the form

Fill out the application form without any obligations, so that we can find out whether and how we can help you.

Short chat & analysis

After receiving your application, we will call you for a short chat (approx. 10-15 minutes). At the end of this conversation we will be able to assess the scope of your optimal coaching and give you a price range.

Your free consultation

If we are certain that we can help you, we will offer you a free inititial consultation. In this video call we will develop the optimal strategy for you personally to reach your goal and clarify all open questions. Both sides have the choice to decide on whether to work together.

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